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Divorce process is one of the most challenging stages in people’s lives, especially if property disputes or alimony obligations arise between the spouses, and the most complicated are arguments over who will remain the leading supplier and custody owner after the divorce. Besides, in either case, the spouse that has a competent and professional lawyer for divorces may definitely be in an advantageous position.

The divorce process is a set of legal actions, because of which the spouses seek to terminate the marriage relationship with each other and at the same time incur minimal property and personal non-property losses.

The process of divorce consists of several phases. Let us look at them.

  • Phase 1 is the preparation of documents for divorce. However, in the case when the dissolution of the marriage can only be carried out in court, then at this stage, it is also necessary to draw up a statement of claim to the court.
  • Phase 2 is the consideration of a dispute at a court hearing.
  • Phase 3 is a court decision to dissolve the marriage between the parties to the dispute.
  • Phase 4 is obtaining permission from the court to dissolve the marriage and registering this fact with the civil registry office, where the certificate of divorce is issued, which is the final stage of the divorce proceedings.

In this case, described the most unfavorable situation, namely the dissolution of the marriage through the court. It is possible in cases established by law, namely:

  • if the spouses have ordinary minor children;
  • in the absence of the consent of one of the spouses to divorce;
  • in the presence of approval to the dissolution of the marriage, but one of them evades from appearing in the registry offices for extrajudicial divorce.

Each of these stages is legally significant. It requires the necessary care and forethought, which is often lacking for citizens who do not have a higher legal education. Therefore, the value of divorce lawyer assistance is very high that he can best ensure the success of his client at every stage of the process.

What should not be done during the divorce proceedings?

Frequently people’s feelings at the moment of divorce towards each other are highly contradictory. It depends on the reason for the separation and divorce conditions. Yesterday’s spouses become each other’s enemies. Based on this, if the divorce process is running, you should not:

  • yield to provocations by your spouse or his divorce lawyer;
  • not contacting the other spouse without your divorce lawyer;
  • get into situations that can be used by the other party to gain an advantage in court;
  • carelessly and without due diligence treat information, upon receipt of which, the other party may receive benefits in a legal process;
  • avoid consulting with your divorce attorney even on the minor issues, in your opinion.

These and many other mistakes will allow you to avoid only lawyers for divorce. An intelligent lawyer will advise you how to act in a given situation, so as not to end up in an unpleasant situation that may worsen your position at the time of the court hearing.

Who are exactly divorce lawyers?

A lawyer or divorce lawyer is a person who has, as a rule, a law degree and has the right to represent the interests of citizens on whose behalf they act. That specialist will help you avoid stressful situations and endless red tape with various complex documentation.

Therefore, an appeal to such professionals can save you from the waste of energy and nerves, survive this difficult life stage and satisfy property interests in the process of divorce.

In which cases people usually need the help of a lawyer during a divorce

Often, citizens seek to use the help of divorce lawyers in the following classic cases:

  • divorce in court;
  • the refusal of the spouse to dissolve the marriage;
  • lack of agreement on the division of jointly acquired property;
  • non-fulfillment by one of the spouses of the deals reached;
  • finding one of the spouses in places of deprivation of liberty abroad or recognized by the court as dead or missing;
  • entering into a marriage contract;
  • violation by one of the parties of the conditions of the marriage contract during the period of the dissolution of the marriage;
  • lack of agreement on the arrangement of children;
  • availability of universal debt obligations to creditors;
  • property division.

In the above and other cases, the services of a divorce lawyer will be invaluable and will allow the parties to resolve the conflict competently.

What kind of help can you get from a lawyer?

When asking for help from a divorce lawyer, you can get the necessary advice about which documents you need to prepare to start a divorce, how to act in case of a lack of agreement between you and your spouses on specific issues. A divorce lawyer will be able to make a legal assessment of all documents involved in the divorce proceedings and give advice on their execution. When you contact a lawyer for divorce, you can get from them a vast range of services, from getting ordinary advice to representation in court.

What are the functions of a lawyer during the divorce proceedings in Indiana?

The functions of a lawyer by divorce can be divided into two groups:


  • providing information about the documents necessary to start the divorce process;
  • providing background information on general issues related to the process.


  • the development of a security strategy and the formation of several conflict termination scenarios;
  • assistance in determining the value of the joint property and its section;
  • collection and preparation of various documents;
  • protection of the legal interests of the principal in the courts even in his absence;
  • appeal against a court decision that does not satisfy the interests of the principal.

Also, the lawyer for divorce performs other legally significant actions necessary in the divorce proceedings and the division of property.

How to find an experienced lawyer in Indiana?

When choosing a divorce lawyer, you must adhere to specific rules to achieve the expected success in the divorce process.

It is necessary to define why you need a divorce lawyer. What goals you will set for him.

You should choose a law firm or a private lawyer with an impeccable reputation. It is essential that the professional you turned to have an appropriate level of education.

It is desirable that the lawyer to whom you turned was narrowly specialized, that is, primarily worked in the field of family law.

You should not contact lawyers who guarantee you an absolute result since a real lawyer cannot know precisely the outcome of the case, he can only promise you that he will do everything that depends on him.

Study the reputation of a divorce lawyer that you were recommended. Yo can read how select divorce lawyer here.

This can be done by examining the legal practice of this lawyer by using different websites. Or you can ask the lawyer himself what kind of business he performed because the richer the positive experience of your lawyer, the simpler you will work with each other. And then guarantees for a favorable outcome will increase.

Do not seek to save on the services of a lawyer for divorce, as this is a significant event in your life. Your future well-being and quality of life depend on how the property will be divided between you and how the issue of arranging children and maintenance obligations will be resolved.

Pay attention to the nature of the lawyer by divorce. He must be patient and polite because to avoid mistakes and achieve success, and you need to contact him for any, even the most seemingly insignificant questions.

Feel free to talk to a lawyer about your financial difficulties, if you have them, then he can give you a discount or consider giving you free advice on a broader range of issues.

We recommend that you follow these rules and make the right choice, having received the highest quality legal services in the field of divorce.

Divorce lawyers are persons with a higher legal education, who compose documentation, give various consultations on legal issues, negotiate on your behalf and carry out representation in court.

Divorce lawyers are the same lawyers who have passed the qualification exam, entered in the relevant register, and who, as a rule, have extensive judicial practice and good work experience in the legal sphere. He also has more powers, and the Federal Law governs his activities.

The main thing you need to pay attention to is the level of knowledge and professionalism of the specialist you turned to because your further fate depends on him to one degree or another.


The divorce process is one of the most difficult and stressful stages in a person’s life. Each of us strives to avoid it, but sometimes it is impossible. In this article, we tried to tell you about what the divorce from the legal side is, what is the role of a lawyer in this process, what is his assistance and the need for it as a whole. We have tried to prepare for you the basic rules of conduct in the divorce process and the rules for choosing a good lawyer, providing high-quality, relevant services.

We hope that you will not have to use the services of a lawyer for divorce, but if you still can not avoid this, we hope that our article will help you in such a delicate matter as the divorce process.

And remember that you need to be careful while choosing your wife. It is better to be smart before marriage to avoid such an unpleasant situation.

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